We want to know all about you, so we meet with you individually before you start training. What are your goals? What's your health history like? Have you had any previous injuries? These questions and more are what we're looking to learn about you so we're able to provide the best experience and create the best type of program for you.


Once we get to know you during the consultation, we move on to the assessment part. Think of this as us getting to know you physically - how you move, what you can do, and what we can help you with. Since there are no cookie-cutter programs here, this assessment is very integral in designing a program specific to you. We first take measurements and body fat to get a baseline of body composition. Next, we'll move into functional movements, orthopedic tests, and some range of motion tests. Suffice it to say, we get a very clear picture of how you move and set you up for success in the safest way possible.