Working as personal trainers at other health and fitness facilities over the years opened our eyes to the need for a higher level of service. Clients were paying large sums of money to receive a very clear mediocre level of service. In addition, clients spoke of unwelcoming staff, lack of equipment maintenance, uncleanliness, and intimidation by other members and trainers in the facilities.

The assessments at these facilities offered next to no benefit to the clients, mainly due to the old and unreliable methods that were being implemented. The workouts trainers were taking clients through clearly had no rhyme or reason, just a way to fill time and get the clients sweating. To top it off, the exercises that were being given to clients lacked a significant level of coaching and form correction. These facilities were around to collect money and clearly nothing more.

Having seen this at several facilities, we sought out a way to change this, and steer away from the industry standard. A way to give our clients not only a great facility for them to feel comfortable, but to give them a level of service unlike they have received before.

We created a thorough assessment to use relevant data in order to craft programs specific to each individual, incorporating both goals and needs. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength gains, building muscle, or training for a marathon, our programs reflect your goals, not the same workout everyone else is doing.

We set the bar higher with our level of coaching. Our clients will notice our level of service right away. In our sessions, we work together on technique, progress, and eventual goal achievement.


To help our clients achieve their goals through an unending commitment to education and innovation


To become the Naperville/Aurora area’s most respected, trusted, and comprehensive provider of health and fitness services

Core values

  1. Constantly pursue growth and learning

  2. Exceed expectations

  3. Be results-driven

  4. Lead by example

  5. Provide a caring and welcoming environment

  6. Always bring your best

  7. Be professional