Dryland Training For Swimming And Water Polo

While Achieve works with athletes of all sports, swimming and water polo are our specialty. You won’t find a performance facility that understands quite how to bridge the gap between dryland training and its carryover into the pool like you will at Achieve.

There are many facets to dryland training that can (and should) be taken into account when creating a program for swimmers and polo players. Sure they need overall strength, but they also have specific needs with respect to their injury history, shoulder health, the distance they typically swim, and even their dominant swim stroke.

We individually assess each athlete that walks through the door to determine his or her unique needs. Maybe a shoulder range of motion restriction is causing pain, or a lack of upper body rotation is causing lower back pain. This assessment is how we find the cause, then come up with a solution. Using the assessment results, we create a custom program that is tailored to that specific athlete. No guesswork or one-size-fits-all programs. Exactly the right training program at exactly the right time.

Athletes and parents can expect a coaching-intensive service with meticulous attention to form and movement execution. Our 4:1 athlete to coach ratio means we’ll always have eyes on each athlete and the ability to coach each one of them to perform movements safely and effectively.

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